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AntiSQLi Library

A free and easy to use library for mitigating risk from SQL injection (SQLi) attacks from the application security experts at IronBox and Security Innovation, Inc.

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Welcome to the AntiSQLi GitHub Page.

The AntiSQLi library is a free and easy to use library for reducing risk from SQL injection (SQLi) attacks -- one of the most common application attacks today.

The AntiSQLi library auto-parameterizes untrusted data for you. And it uses coding patterns and classes that you're already familiar with. The AntiSQLi library saves you time and frustration, and lets you focus more on building your application.

Integrating the AntiSQLi library is easy and only takes a couple lines of code. In fact, it takes less code to use the AntiSQLi library than typical coding patterns. Here's a .NET Framework example:

// Reference the AntiSQLi library
using IronBox.AntiSQLi;

// Automatically assign and parameterize untrusted data
SqlParameterizedQuery pQuery = new SqlParameterizedQuery();
pQuery.LoadQuery("SELECT * FROM Users WHERE UserName = {0}",UntrustedData);

// You're done, execute your SQL statement using familiar methods
pQuery.Connection = new SqlConnection("[your connection string]");

The AntiSQLi library is also highly extensible. We've written .NET classes for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, but you can easily extend the library to support other database platforms like Oracle and MySQL.

Get AntiSQLi on NuGet

You can get the AntiSQLi library on NuGet. Just search for "IronBox.AntiSQLi.dll":

AntiSQLi NuGet install image

Authors and Contributors

The AntiSQLi library was developed by the IronBox team (@ironbox) and Security Innovation, Inc. (@securityinnovation).


The AntiSQLi library is made available under the BSD License.

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